Welcome to Lovebomb

Episode 22 РMalm̦festivalen
We won! WE WON!!!

Episode 21 – New place and bandmember!
Meet PELLE!!

Episode 20 – Wie geht’s Deutchland?
Lovebomb would really love to tour through Germany!

Episode 19 – Unboxing
Ludde the dog helps Matt open a package from our first endorser

Episode 18 – If we could go to any gig in history
Here’s the dream gigs we missed (or were too unborn) to attend

Episode 17 – Best of Sweden Rock Festival
We list the things we like the most and we have one thing in common!

Episode 16 – Sweden Rock Festival
Are you going? Meet the band!!

Episode 15 – Sneak peek 2
Be the first to watch a clip from our upcoming video for the song “Worlds apart”!

Episode 14 – Frankie = More is more
Frankie’s new stuff is bigger and better than ever!

Episode 13 – Lisa’s new toy
Lisa got a birthday present and it ROCKS!

Episode 12 – Band battle
Finally you find out who’s the fastest. Lisa or Frankie?

Episode 11 – Lovebomb-defining albums
Here you learn more about what music and style that has defined and inspired the band!

Episode 10 – Guilty pleasure albums
The band gets personal and share the music they secretly love…

Episode 9 – Album sneak peek
Be the first to hear a track from the upcoming video!! Frankie’s cat Bosse makes his first appearance as well!

Episode 8 – Favorite albums
The band lists their all-time favorite albums and tell us why they are so amazing.

Episode 7 – First viewer question
This is our first (but not last!) video based on a question from our viewers. Maybe the next one is based on a question or topic that you sent us?

Episode 6 – Gig preparations
What does Lisa and Frankie do to get ready for the stage??

Episode 5 – Lisa’s gear
How do you get that thundering bass experience that is Lisa’s trademark? Here are all the answers!

Episode 4 – DIY recording tips
What do you really need when you’re recording rock on a budget?

Episode 3 – Frankie’s kit
Learn all there is to know about Frankie’s drumkit

Episode 2 – Matt’s rig
Find out how Matt gets his massive guitar sound

Episode 1 – Introduction
Get to know the band and find out what the show is all about