Lovebomb is a rockband from the south of Sweden that lives by the principle that more is MORE! You get supersonic screams, thundering bass, earth-shaking drums and vailing guitar solos. Most of our inspiration comes from the melodic heavy metal and glam metal from the 80s. In other words you get the perfect mix of solid heavy metal and melodic pop melodies. All the members of Lovebomb are experienced musicians and have played all around the globe in several bands. Headbang your head!!!

Official Lovebomb band photo with logo

Official Lovebomb band photo with logo

Lovebomb is:

Frankie Bouvier – Drums
Mapex Venus 22×20″ Kickdrum
Mapex Venus 12×12″ High tom
Pearl Export 16×18″ Floortom
Zildjian Scimitar 14″ Hihat
Stagg Medium 16″ Crash
Zultan Aja 18″ Crash
Zultan Aja 20″ Ride
ProMark L.A. Special 5A Drumsticks

Lisa Bouvier – Lead vocals
Shure SM58
Lisa is endorsed by Daisy Rock Guitars, but only uses Daisy Rock guitars

Pelle Bouvier – Bass
rig:Ibanez Soundgear
Line6 G30 wireless

Matt Bouvier – Lead Guitar
(The Swedish Guitar Nerd)
Odin Guitars 600 Northern Lightning
Squier HM-2 with EMG-81
Line6 G30 wireless
Zoom G1on
Dunlop original Crybaby wah
Peavey Bandit amplifier
Marshall MG100HCFX amplifier & matching cabinet